What is ‘theycallmelinz’?

‘theycallmelinz’ is a handle, of sorts. It’s my attempt to be sarcastic about something that use to, for lack of a better term, irk me to no end. My name is Lynze (pronounced like Lindsay, or Lindsey, Linzee even). People are forever saying my name incorrectly. Most often, I get ‘Linz,’ in which people assume the ‘e’ is silent. It is not. I once dated a guy for 3 months before learning that the whole time, he’d thought my name was pronounced ‘Lynz,’ not ‘Lynze.’  How can you date someone and you don’t even know her name?! The relationship was basically over at that point. Anyhow I was bitter for a while, and then decided to embrace it.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s Lynze. But they call me linz.”

Get it?


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