I didn’t die. I got married. 

I posted exactly one blog post, and then seemingly disappeared. That’s because two weeks after making that first post, I got married! (Insert confetti and horn-blowing) So needless to say, that entire week leading up to the big day I was running around like a mad woman. They all told me it would happen but I didn’t believe it. I had been so chill and collected throughout this whole wedding planning process, I was as cool as a cucumber. But then it set in that I was getting married in 5 days, which no one tells you that it really means you’re throwing a giant party and things have to get done. So I made lists and made use of my wonderful friends who volunteered to help me, and we got stuff done. Somehow I ended up with 5 friends who are all teachers so we made the craftiest shit you’ve ever seen. We decorated bubble bottles (totally pointless, maybe 6 people saw them) and cut and arranged flowers and decorated signs and hot-glued decorations onto mason jars (yes, I was that girl, sorrynotsorry) and everything looked amazing.

The wedding itself was great as well. We had gorgeous weather, and almost everything went according to plan. Not that that really matters because all I wanted was for us to be married at the end of the day and we were, but it’s great that there was no added stress.

Here’s my favorite pic (so far) from the day:

Just check out the hub’s smile. I love that boy.

I’m going to get serious about writing more, and we have a lot of exciting things coming up in our lives that I’ll post more about once things are in motion. Until then, happy blogging!


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