Of life and love… We’ve come a long way, baby

I wouldn’t call myself a ‘writer’, necessarily. I will say that I love to write. From the time I was old enough to spell semi-correctly and string words together, I was writing. I wrote poetry; odes to my ‘true loves’ I knew in elementary and middle school. I started a dozen stories that never were to be finished. Looking back on these stories now, I think I was yearning for the life I was writing about. I always, always wrote love stories, or poems about love. The stories were always loosely based on my own self, but my ‘self’ in the stories had amazing friends and she was pretty and popular and always ended up with the boy. Now, I said earlier that none of my stories were ever completed, so take that phrase ‘ended up with the boy’ very lightly. My stories didn’t end because they didn’t go anywhere. It was very much “la la la, going about life, I like this boy, he likes someone else, oh wait he likes me wooohoo.” Seriously. I cringe reading these things now. I was so young! I didn’t know anything about love or life! Mark Twain said, “Write what you know.” That was my problem. I didn’t know anything about what I was writing about. I knew that I wasn’t popular in the real world. I was (read: still am) heavyset, shy, and went to a high school where I graduated with 38 people. There were not a lot of opportunities for welcoming differences. I didn’t look like my friends who were slim and blonde and beautiful. So I watched my friends date the boys I had crushes on, and pretended like I wasn’t heartbroken when my friends did this, knowing that I liked this boy (when I was brave enough to admit it). Turns out, that boy was gay so I definitely dodged a bullet there (thanks A for taking care of that one for me *wink*). The point is, I think writing gave me a way to express all these feelings, these wild crazy ridiculous musings of love without having people judge me for them. Now that I know more about what I’m talking about, I think I could be more successful writing about it. I’m not ready yet to go diving off into writing a novel, I’m a busy girl afterall. But that’s what the point of this blog is to be for me. A way to express my thoughts and creativity So if you’re reading this, then welcome. I’m excited to get back into this. P.S. I found love eventually, and I’m marrying him in 17 days 🙂


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